NAME: Darren Bongiovanni
RESIDENCE: Howard Beach, NY
BIRTH DATE: July 18, 1981
OCCUPATION: Part-Time Employee at Learning Express of Howard Beach
EDUCATION: B.S. Degree in Computer Science from St. John’s University
FAVORITE WRESTLERS: Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Randy Savage
TWITTER: @hbkid718
FACEBOOK: Darren Bongiovanni

Here’s a quick biography about me. My name is Darren Michael Bongiovanni. I was born on Saturday, July 18, 1981 in Franklin General Hospital to Sal and Carol Bongiovanni. I have an older brother named Peter, who’s 4 years older than me. I had a good childhood with a good education. I went to St. Helen’s Grammar School for 8 years, from 1987 to 1995. I then went to Archbishop Molloy High School, from 1995 to 1999. By the way, this same school produced Chris Kanyon and Justin Credible. I, then went to Saint John’s University, originally with a degree in Pharmacy, but switched to Computer Science, halfway through, where I learned Programming and Web Development. I was in St. John’s, the same school Bubba Dudley graduated from, from 1999 to 2003. Right now, while I’m looking for a real job, I work in my local Learning Express Toy Store. Now that I told you my personal story, here’s my wrestling biography.

My brother watched the WWF every Saturday afternoon on WNYW, Channel 5. I watched it once in a while. But on March 29, 1987, I became hooked. This was the day of WrestleMania III. I saw it on closed circuit television at Nassau County Community College with my family and neighbors, who loved wrestling. From the moment Aretha Franklin sang America the Beautiful to Hulk Hogan pinning Andre the Giant, I was hooked. But what really made me a wrestling fan was the match between Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage for the Intercontinental Championship. From then on, I never missed an episode of WWF Superstars. Then when we got cable, I found WCW on TBS and continued watching wrestling whenever I got the chance. Every Christmas and birthday, I had to have the newest WWF figures. Also, I collected any wrestling magazine I can find, which right now brings my total to around 1000. Every Saturday while I was watching WWF Superstars, I made my own wrestling show with the figures. I even had my own storylines and champions. My family thought I was nuts, but that’s what I liked to do. I was so into wrestling that I even created a wrestling promotion with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, giving each character a finishing move and storyline. By this time, the WWF debuted Monday Night Raw on the USA Network and every Monday I was glued to the screen. Anytime the WWF or WCW was on, I was watching it. I watched the WWF during the good times, when it was cool to be a wrestling fan and even in the mid-90s, at the low point of the WWF. But I stood by them, through thick and thin. As I got older, I even stayed up late to watch ECW. I watched WCW and ECW to their dying days. I have only been to a few live events, the last being a live RAW/SD Taping from the Continental Airlines Arena in July 2006. Today, even though the now-WWE isn’t that good, I still watch it. I’ve personally kept track of Pay-Per-View Records and the Wins & Losses for all of the wrestlers and events for a long time. I have books of results and records for every major Pay-Per-View. Then, in 2012, I decided to share it with the world and do a 2012 Year In Review with the awesome guys of Pwinsider.com. In 2013, I decided to a weekly column with what happened every week in wrestling, leading to a Month in Review after each month. I have done it ever since. I then decided instead of sending my column to the site, I would create my own website, which would be updated weekly with the latest results. At the top I mentioned my favorite wrestlers, but I haven’t said what my favorite match was. It is a 3 Way Tie, between Steamboat VS Savage at WrestleMania III and the Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X.
Now, it’s time for the acknowledgements. First, I like to thank my family for putting up with my crap, being obsessed with wrestling for almost 30 years. I thank them for allowing me to take up their time and their computer to do what I love. Also, I like to thank them for buying me my own computer, so I didn’t have to use their computer any more. I like to thank Vince McMahon for creating the phenomenon known as WrestleMania, which got me hooked on wrestling. I like to thank Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson, & the rest of the crew at Pwinsider.com for posting my column every week. I also like to thank the sites on my links page for helping me in those ways mentioned. Once again, thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again. I hope you enjoyed this look at the webmaster.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. A couple corrections to help – (1) you forgot John Morrison / Johnny Nitro in the single standings (1-4-0), (2) under Morrison / Nitro’s name with each of his 5 Mania matches you have him listed as 1-5-0, 3) Kim Chee is listed separately from who plays him, which was The Brooklyn Brawler, (3) There was 2 Doinks (Matt Borne & Ray Apollo) & both had Mania matches as Doink’s – Borne (1-1-0) with Borne having had a match at WM1 under his real name & being listed seperate from the Doink listing (making his record 1-2-0) & Apollo (0-1-0) & 4) Why list Santino / Santina as 2 seperate entries, Santina was just another gimmick of Santino’s so the W – L should read 1-3-0.

    I keep track records as well & would be ok sharing the info with you if any questions or to help out with no credit needed


    1. Thanks for reading. Thanks for catching the Morrison mistake. Since my site is already updated for the year, this will be fixed after next year’s Mania. If you read the top of the page, I explain that I counted Doink as 1 gimmick instead of separating them by the person that played him, since it’s easier that way, instead of having 2 separate counts for Doink. Also, even though we now know that Kimchee was played by Brawler, I treated it like a separate person played it and only combined gimmicks of people that we know portrayed multiple gimmicks. And as for Santino/Santina, WWE always treated it as separate people, so that is what I did too. But, I appreciate your help. What is your site?


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